The Plan

I will begin my adventure on the western edge of Asia in the city of Istanbul and gradually make my way across the continent to Singapore. Along the way, I will be traversing the Caucasus, Pamir, Tien Shan, Hindu Kush, and Himalayan mountain ranges. From cold to hot, I will be mindlessly counting down the distance as I cross the Kyzylkum and Thar deserts. And from arid to lush, I will be venturing through the jungles of India and South East Asia.

The map above shows a very general depiction of the route I will be taking. In a "go with the flow" kind of attitude, I am intentionally leaving a lot of things open-ended at the start of this adventure to allow for spontaneity and unforeseen circumstances. The closest thing I have to an itinerary as of now is: I will be around this country around this month. Though time is mostly on my side, I will cautiously be keeping an eye on the calendar in order to make it through the mountain ranges leading into India before winter takes a hold of these lands with its chilling and snowy grasp.